What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time is an exciting experience, but can bring up many questions.  Where do we go?  What should we wear?  What time does it start?  What is there for my children?  What can I expect?

We want to put you at ease.  Your first visit to Foundation will be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for the whole family.  You will experience a warm and welcoming church family, uplifting music, helpful Bible teaching and preaching, and a place where you will feel loved and "at home."
Here are a few answers to your questions and what you can expect at Foundation Baptist Church.

1. Finding and Navigating the Church
We are located at 204 Spring Street in Cary, Illinois. From Northwest Highway (Rt. 14), go West on Main Street. Spring Street is located just across from the Metra Station. Go South on Spring Street for 2 blocks. FBC is located on the SW corner of Spring Street and Charlotte Place.

2. What is there for my children?
We have a clean, safe nursery for every service for your children aged 3 and under where they are well-cared for.  For children age 4 and above, and for teens, we have morning Sunday School classes with fun, friendly, well-qualified teachers who make the Bible real and exciting, and who make church memorable.  Our classes have regularly scheduled fun activities at various times throughout the year as well.

3. What is there for adults?
The best way to meet people and to get involved at Foundation is to become a member of a Sunday School class.  Each Sunday morning class begins with a pre-cless fellowship at 9:30 with donuts and coffee, juice, or milk, and then at 9:45 there is a helpful Bible lesson.  After Sunday School, there is about a five-minute break, and then the Morning Service begins at 10:30.  We also have many times throughout the year that there are church-wide activities and meals for all adults and children.

4. What is the schedule?
We have a pre-cless fellowship before Sunday School at 9:30, and then all classes for all ages and stages start at 9:45.  The worship service starts at 10:30, and is normally over by 11:45.  We do have a Sunday evening service at 5:30 PM, and our Wednesday evening Bible study is at 7 PM.

5. How should I dress?
There is no dress code at Foundation.  At any service you will find some who dress casually, and some, like our ministry leaders and many of our members, who wear more traditional/formal attire.  The important thing is that we want you to be comfortable, and we welcome you!

6. Am I expected to participate in the offering?
No.  All giving is voluntary.  We have not invited you to Foundation for your offering, but so that we can be a blessing to you. 

If you have any other questions, please call or email us.  We look forward to your visit!

Foundation Baptist Church | 204 Spring Street, Cary, IL 60013 | 815.271.2121